B-Human is European Champion!

The final day at the RoboCup European Open was a great day for us:

In the morning, we played the semifinal against Berlin United – Nao Team Humboldt. The result was a clear 10:0 for us.

In the final, like many times before, we had to play against Nao-Team HTWK from Leipzig. In the course of the game, the Leipzig robots skillfully dribbled the ball deep into our half many times. But in all cases, our strong defense was able to clear the ball. Through precise long distance shots and fast counterattacks, we were able to score goal by goal und finally won 5:0!

We are very happy and exhausted but already look forward to the next RoboCup highlight: The world championship in Leipzig!

B-Human is European Champion!

We Won the Quarterfinal

On Saturday, we had only one game to play: The quarterfinal against GraceBand from Iran. In a quite clear game, we won with 13:0. Results in the elimination round, many games have quite high results as the clock is stopped during game stoppages, leaving more net game time. To save our robots, which overheat over time and thus have a higher risk of damages, we did not play with a full team. In addition, towards the end of the game, we had to remove all of our field players.

Our next match will be the semifinal on Sunday morning. The opponent will be Berlin United – Nao Team Humboldt.

We Won the Quarterfinal

We Reached the Quarter Final

In the tournament’s first phase, all teams played in groups of three. In our group, we won against the Dutch Nao Team from the Netherlands as well as against the Nao Devils from the TU Dortmund with 7:0 and 5:1 respectively. Consequently, we are the winner of our group and can skip the intermediate round. Our next game will be the quarter final on Saturday.

The development of our new software to detect the new ball makes good progress. The real ball is detected in a robust manner over medium distances and false detections (for instance in other robots or the goal frame) can be avoided in most cases.

We are looking forward to our next game!

We Reached the Quarter Final

Welcome to the RoboCup European Open in Eindhoven!

This year, there will not be any RoboCup German Open for the first time since 2006, as this year’s RoboCup world championship will be held in Leipzig. Instead, there will be the RoboCup European Open at the Evoluon in Eindhoven, starting today and ending at April 3rd. In total, we will be 9 Standard Platform League teams in this competition. Today, we will not have any official games yet, all teams set up around the field and prepare their robots.

The most important and most interesting change in this year’s rules is the new ball. Instead of the orange hockey ball, we will play with a new ball that has a pattern similar to real, classic footballs: white with small black areas. Recognizing such balls will be a real challenge as our robots are also white and have some dark areas …

Welcome to the RoboCup European Open in Eindhoven!

robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF

4 DOF. As our joints are available in 3 Sizes: -50, -30 and -20, we suggest to possible designs:

SMALL version (SV): RL-D-30-102 (base rot.) / RL-D-30-101 / RL-D-20-101 / RL-D-20-101 (3 pivoting joints).

BIG version (BV): RL-D-50-102 (base rot.) / RL-D-50-101 / RL-D-30-101 / RL-D-20-101 (3 pivoting joints).


robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF.2
picture small version assembly (gripper not included) assembly drawing small version

robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF.3 robolink D kit sets for up to 4 DOF.4
picture big version assembly (tool not included) assembly drawing big version


The SV is able to carry ~1kg max, the BV up to ~3kg max. We offer the joints and motors (as before) plus the “connection parts” (mostly folded metal sheets with some SLS connection parts) as kit sets and additionally a set of motor/encoder cables with igus e-chains and “chain holders” (orange poarts on the pic.). Please let me know in case this is interesting for you (mraak@igus.de). At the next HMI show in april it will be possible to order this from stock.

You can downlod the step data of the 2 versions and an assembly drawing right here.

STEP data SV link: 4-dof-sv (1.09 mb)

STEP data BV link: 4-dof-bv (1.32 mb)

pdf drawing assembly link SV: rl-d-rbt-3322-aa-rl-10394 (194.15 kb)

pdf drawing assembly link BV: rl-d-rbt-5532-aa-rl-10393 (195.49 kb)

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