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Changing airport gangways: igus® e-chains® and smart plastics for the future

Richard Habering | 21. June 2023

Airports rely on gangways to allow passengers to board and disembark conveniently. If the gangways fail, getting into the aircraft is much more difficult. One way to prevent gangway disruptions is to use igus e-chains and i.Sense EC.P condition monitoring.


Innovative, efficient washing facility solutions with igus® e-chains®

Richard Habering | 14. June 2023

Defective conveyor belts in washing facilities repeatedly lead to expensive damage and breakdowns. So more and more companies are switching to sensor-supported, networked igus e-chains as part of a modernisation effort.


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World premiere: for the first time i.Sense EC.W wear sensor can be selected in the e-chain configurator with one click

Richard Habering | 6. February 2023

Get quickly and easily to an individual solution: igus offers a wide range of online tools to make this a success. They include the "e-chains expert", which enables interested parties to assemble an individual energy chain system in just three steps. For the first time, users now have the option of configuring their e-chain with the intelligent i.Sense EC.W wear sensor directly.


Tips for lower TCO and better environmental balance

Marco Thull | 27. January 2023

Service life, maintenance intensity, recyclability and Industry 4.0 compatibility are important factors that decide on the TCO and environmental balance. But they are by no means the only ones.


Rethinking wire breakage safety: Identify cable problems early and prevent wire breakage with i.Sense CF.D

Richard Habering | 30. November 2022

Maintaining heavily used and hard-to-reach bus cables faster than ever is what i.Sense CF.D, the igus monitoring module, can do – and nothing else in the world can. The module automatically recognises the positions of stressed areas in a cable and shows them very precisely in metres. The new optical status display now enables users to intervene quickly in a targeted manner, avoiding time-consuming and costly troubleshooting.