CAD Konfigurator Benutzungsanleitung

How do I use the igus 3D printing CAD configurators?

Paul Gomer | 20. September 2020

A CAD configurator has many advantages. It shortens tedious recurring design work and saves time and money with simple use and consistent data quality. Basically, our 3D printing CAD configurators enable a fast implementation of a variant-rich wear-resistant part by determining individually selected and valid product features. Thereby it is very important to configure a […]


Multi-start thread

Zoe Moser | 18. September 2020

In this post we will go into more detail about the threadability or number of threads. What do the two terms actually stand for and what is their significance for my application? Single-start lead screws, as the name suggests, consist of only one single thread pitch (single start). In other words, by pitch …


Where are cables used? Chainflex cables in sewage treatment plants

Sascha Mais | 16. September 2020

Recent contributions have dealt with crane systems,, storage and retrieval units and robot applications. Today we will take a look at how and for what purpose chainflex cables are used in sewage treatment plants, because these are also among the areas of application for chainflex. Special requirements for cables in sewage treatment plants Sewage treatment […]


Do polymer plain bearings in bicycles have to be lubricated?

Alexander Muzicenko | 15. September 2020

Polymer bearings have already been used in bicycles for many years and are gaining more and more popularity – whether in pedals, frame bearings or gears. iglidur® materials offer more advantages such as: weight reduction, corrosion resistance and longer service life. In contrast to metallic bearings, the tribo-polymers from igus do not require additional lubrication, […]


At last! The new 2020 chainflex catalogue is ready!

Rainer Rössel | 10. September 2020

Every year, we and many customers, await the new chainflex catalogue. We are continuously improving it to provide yet more valuable information for our customers. The new chainflex catalogue What’s new? What’s worth knowing? Besides individual changes in the product pages there are also new approvals. This includes UL verified. We have also included the […]