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iglidur plain bearings

Damage patterns of plain bearings – Part 1: Deformations

Lars Butenschön | 14. December 2022

Damage to plastic plain bearings is often the result of improper assembly, incorrect structural design or incorrect material selection. On the one hand, the nature and mode of operation of the plastic plain bearings place some demands on the dimensioning, design and assembly of the bearing point. On the other hand, compared to metallic bearings, […]


Saving costs with plain bearings Part 7: Reducing lubrication or avoiding it altogether

Lars Butenschön | 9. December 2022

Lubricating grease and ensuring or maintaining lubrication represent a major cost factor for the operation of many devices and systems. Everything that moves is subject to the laws of friction and wear. To minimise these effects, bearings and other moving parts are often lubricated with grease or oil. In many cases, the sufficient supply of […]


Reducing costs with plain bearings, Part 6: Optimising maintenance intervals

Lars Butenschön | 2. December 2022

Costs can also be reduced indirectly. Maintenance intervals can be extended with suitable plain bearings. Such bearings require less frequent replacement or re-lubrication. Extending the interval not only reduces costs for maintenance work personnel, but also increases the productive time of the devices and machines. Shorter maintenance intervals than necessary are often chosen in order […]


Save costs with plain bearings Part 5: Simplify assembly

Lars Butenschön | 23. November 2022

In this example, too, it is less about the unit costs of the bearings, but rather about the costs that can be saved through an advantageous design in downstream (pardon :)) processes. The installation of bushings is a significant cost factor. Especially for assemblies with many bearing points or high unit quantities, the assembly time […]


Saving costs with plain bearings Part 4: The most cost-effective manufacturing process

Lars Butenschön | 17. November 2022

Whether the bearing is to be a special type or a standard plain bearing. Choose the most cost-effective manufacturing process, or the provider with the most cost-effective process. Plain bearings are manufactured in a wide variety of ways, depending on the material, number of pieces to be produced, and shape. For metal bearings, this primarily […]