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Buy chainflex quality sustainably AND cost-effectively? That works!

igu-blog-adm | 8. June 2022

Nowadays, it is all about avoiding waste. The oceans are heavily polluted, the “Pacific garbage vortex” is about 4.5 times as large as Germany. The “zero waste” philosophy is gaining more and more attention especially in the food sector. We at igus have also set ourselves the goal of buildings and production becoming CO2-neutral by 2025. The use of residual stocks also makes a significant contribution to sustainable, zero waste behaviour. Instead of scrapping residual stocks, they are sold at extremely attractive conditions.

How does the market for residual stocks work?

The market for residual stocks is self-explanatory. With chainflex, we don’t want to throw away any of our cables, but cutting various cable lengths to size for our customers often results in residual lengths. All residual lengths between 10m and 50m are therefore immediately added to the stocks of the chainflex residual lengths and are updated several times a day. This allows interested parties to buy these cables online immediately, while stocks last.

The market for residual stocks offers the possibility to filter either by cable type or, if you are familiar with our parts, by the part number. Often, the same part is available in different lengths, so you can easily find and buy your desired item in the right length, with minimal waste. Almost like zero waste.

Our residual lengths market includes cost-effective residual stocks of all chainflex cable types. All information on cable type and construction, length, price/m and total price at a glance. The part can be added to the shopping cart and purchased at the click of a mouse, then it will be shipped as quickly as possible via UPS. Please always note the delivery date in the order confirmation. For very urgent requests, feel free to contact us personally, we will help you where possible.

Cost-effective cables directly from stock

The inventory is regularly updated and consists only of cables that are available from stock. This also means that a cable in the shopping cart is not yet considered purchased. Only the order and not the transfer of the part into the shopping cart will secure a part. In particular, these lengths are no longer cut to size, but are only sold as a complete piece.

Important: We do not sell second-hand goods here. We offer the well-known 36-month guarantee for the cables listed in the residual lengths market, as for all other chainflex cables. The cables from the residual stock impress with the usual chainflex quality and have been proven for 10 years. They are only sold at cost-effective prices due to the residual length.

Why residual stock and not “standard cables”?

The residual stock helps both sides: you as a customer by only buying the right quantities at favourable conditions, and for us, it means less waste through scrapping and less effort due to the unnecessary cutting of the cables. A contribution to your budget and to the environment. On the trail of zero waste together.

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