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Low Cost Automation

This is how medium-sized companies benefit from cost-effective automation

Marco Thull | 24. February 2023

The automation of processes can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in mass customisation to achieve their production goals more efficiently and quickly. But still, many SMEs are sceptical about automation because they fear high investment costs and effort. A study shows the high potential of automation in medium-sized companies, especially in sectors such as logistics, pharmaceuticals, health and food. Thanks to Low Cost Automation, the cost of automation solutions has fallen sharply and companies can quickly see a return on investment. However, it is important to provide professional advice on component selection and cost transparency.


Smart and inexpensive – ReBel®, the igus cobot for automation … now with smart plastics technology

Richard Habering | 21. September 2022

Effective immediately, igus offers the ReBeL service robot – also as a smart version. At €4,970 and only around 8 kilogrammes, the plug-and-play variant is one of the lightest cobots on the market.


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How does the 7th axis extend the range of a welding cobot?

Adriana Glazer | 23. September 2021

Robot workspace
Robot axes
Automated welding


Six advantages of automation for SMEs

Adriana Glazer | 24. June 2021

Although robotics and automation have many advantages for employees, production processes and customers, they are still viewed critically, especially by SMEs. Breaking into automation, especially for those with little affinity for IT, often involves high investment and great effort. But robot manufacturers are increasingly focusing on cost-effective alternatives that are as user-friendly and as easy to program as possible.


Sustainable production with robotics – the technology of the future?

Adriana Glazer | 18. June 2021

For years, robots have been considered drivers of productivity and efficiency. With the latest technologies and robot types, the degree of automation in the manufacturing industry is continuously increasing. Industrial robot support allows complex, tiresome, and dangerous work to be automated and performed quickly. The tasks range from vacuum cleaning robots to bomb defusers. In […]