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New ball bearing material – ideal for applications in the semiconductor industry

Patrick Czaja | 19. May 2022

The semiconductor industry always has demanding application environments. For example, installed components must always run flawlessly in order to keep plant productivity rates high. The etching of printed circuit boards or the production of LCD displays are two examples to illustrate this. Almost every production step involves extremely high temperatures and the most aggressive chemicals and abrasive solvents are used. Components used, such as ball bearings, must therefore withstand the application environments. The aspect of electrical conductivity also plays a role in the transport of sensitive goods. Current surges due to electrostatic charges must be avoided in order to prevent defects in transported goods. Our solution: ball bearings made of xirodur F500.

The range of electrically conductive xirodur materials continues to grow. The xirodur F500 material is particularly resistant to chemicals and temperatures from -50 to +150°C and is conductive with a surface resistance of <104Ω. 

▲ Tech up
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals and temperatures
Cost down
  • Longer maintenance intervals and no corrosion
Part numberØ d1Ø d2Length b1Weight [g]Radial load capacity (static/dynamic)Limit speed: [rpm]
BB-6000-F500-75-ES102686.025 / 342,100
Available upon request

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