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Remote condition monitoring of energy chains??? This little wonder box makes it possible: the SMS module

Richard Habering | 18. May 2022

Internet of Things, big data and autonomous robots: the transition to Industry 4.0 is in full swing. This also applies to components that work in machines and have long since become smart by providing data on their condition, for example. But integrating smart technologies is often complex for companies and involves external installation effort. We have also found that while online services are very popular in everyday private life, sensitivity to external data connections is very high in the business environment. For example, the IoT connection of the energy chain of a machine is often not wanted in production. However, the customer does not want to do without smart features.

This is exactly where we start with the SMS module for our i.Sense systems. This can optionally be used with any of our condition monitoring systems and allows the user to be locally independent for receiving their status messages from the monitored energy chains or systems. Using the i.Sense configuration, the SMS alarm function can be set individually according to the requirements of the system operator. As a result, there is no local dependence on monitored energy supply or on a stable Internet connection, which is still not the case in every production plant or freight handling centre.

Further details and, in particular, mechanical specifications regarding dimensions can be found in the data sheet here. The SMS module is connected to the i.Sense module in the switch cabinet via a classic INI cable. The current consumption of the SMS module is minimal, with good network coverage it is below 1A. Integrated into a complete smart plastics package for intelligent condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of energy chains, the whole thing looks like this:

In this complete package, called iSET at igus, all components have already been fully coordinated and made ready for occupancy directly as a ready-to-install solution … including the SMS module as an elementary component for remote condition monitoring.

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