Plain Bearings

Cost down with plain bearings: The Lemken story

Lars Butenschön | 25. August 2020

Maintenance and lubrication are still a major cost driver even in today’s almost completely digitalised world of agricultural engineering. No matter how many computers monitor the machine – the dangers remain very analogous and incalculable. Dirt, corrosion and wear. As a result, end users of the devices must adhere meticulously to maintenance schedules and regularly […]


xiros guide rollers for labelling technology: quiet, safe & effortless guidance

Patrick Czaja | 20. August 2020

The xiros guide rollers have been in the igus range for a while. They modestly, discreetly and quietly improve various applications in the background. Our rollers are constantly being further developed and improved to ensure that their flexibility is suitable for numerous applications and industries. Our black anodised guide roller for visible parts expands the […]


Time for a dive into cool waters – xiros® in pools cleaner ensures the necessary cleanliness in the pool

Patrick Czaja | 7. August 2020

xiros® radial ball bearings have versatile applications. The lubrication-free and maintenance-free polymer ball bearings are convincing when used in pool cleaners and enable perfect operation. Read the complete article here.


Measuring plain bearings – how to measure correctly

Lars Butenschön | 30. July 2020

Want to measure plain bearings? Of course you do. With the caliper, of course (or if, like the author of this text, you always got one from the instructor for this purpose – of course, by ‘one’ the caliper is meant). This may work quite well with steel plain bearings, a little spit and a […]


Spherical thrust bearing – 2 cost-effective alternatives

Lars Butenschön | 21. July 2020

The classic bearing position in the mechanical engineering textbook provides for a simple shaft in a ball or needle roller bearing that is mounted in a radial direction. But what if the bearing position must be supported axially? It is not uncommon for bolts or rods to be supported at the ends in an axial […]