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Linear technology

Free design data: DIY large-format 3D printer

Aranca Ehret | 15. November 2022

Can you 3D print components as large as one metre yourself? That is still a challenge today. Therefore, the igus® 3D printing team has designed and assembled a large-format 3D printer and offers the design data for download here. You can also read about the biggest challenges in this post.


Knowledge of lead screw drive

Zoe Moser | 7. September 2022

Five things I should know about dryspin® lead screw technology: Importance of lead screw technology, details about the product range of dryspin® lead screw drives, difference in thread types, individual machining and configuration, and the lubrication of lead screw drives.


Who likes to have greasy fingers?

Stefan Niermann | 11. March 2022

You might know this from your own children. They quickly eat a few fries and then wipe the greasy fingers on the T-shirt. Nobody likes to have greasy fingers – nobody likes to have grease stains on their clothes. If you work with machine elements such as ball bearings, gears or linear guides, it is […]


How important is quiet in linear guides?

Stefan Niermann | 9. March 2022

Quiet machines and devices, whether in the household, laboratory or hospital, are easy on the nerves. Who does not know the sounds that disturb you directly. The elevator in the hotel at night, the dishwasher or the refrigerator that seems to reinvent itself in the evening. But the squeaking of a drawer when it is […]


Who wears shoes made of lead?

igu-blog-adm | 24. February 2022

The TV commercial for the Soda Streamer presents it perfectly. Who wants to carry anything heavy nowadays? One of the things using PET bottles as an alternative to glass bottles aims at is weight. The sustainability of the two solutions will be discussed at a later time. “The fact is that it takes energy to […]