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The chainflex cables can be bent kinked!
What is the bending factor?

igu-blog-adm | 7. September 2021

It is likely that everyone has taken a spoon from the kitchen at one time or another and started bending it. The first time I bent a spoon, I looked confused when I couldn’t bend it back the right way. So I did the only “logical” thing for a little boy and made sure my […]


Unusual requirements and how to fulfil them
Customised cables from igus

Stefan Wehrmann | 12. August 2021

“Can I get that in pink?” Admittedly not a frequent request when it comes to cables. But there are requirements that our catalogue goods cannot meet despite the great scope of our product range. Such cases require customised cables. This article will focus on this topic and present some basic data in more detail. What […]


Hot stuff
Cables in radioactive environments

Nils Jäger | 4. August 2021

Our cables can be used in a wide range of applications. The requirements and environmental conditions could not be more varied. Indoors and outdoors, warm and cold environments,, cleanroom, and oily air. But how do cables behave in radioactive environments? What is radiation? Radiation is the propagation of particles or waves of whatever kind. It […]


Where are cables used?
Cables for cleanrooms

Nils Jäger | 30. July 2021

We have already shown examples of areas of application for our cables in previous articles. The industries and applications are multifaceted. One possible area of application is cleanrooms. The special requirements of cables in cleanrooms and our special chainflex solution is our topic for today. What is a cleanroom? Cleanrooms are rooms with an extremely […]


De-icing vehicles protect the lives of airline passengers – and igus helps

Florian Schiller | 26. July 2021

Snow and ice collecting on aircraft can quickly compromise aircraft safety. They impair aerodynamics and can therefore, in the worst case, cause stalling resulting in a crash. That is why, wherever cold temperatures are the norm, special machines are used: de-icing vehicles. How does de-icing work, and what agents are used? De-icing is a two-step […]