Durability not only in energy chains
chainflex is robust!

Andreas Muckes | 16. April 2020

Very often we write about cable assemblies that we have optimised, so that they guarantee our cables in the energy chain a long service life. Very high quality strands in the cores can be bent superbly, our inner jackets guide the stranding constructions along the longest paths and also provide a bomb-proof foundation for the […]


What is CC-Link?

Nils Jäger | 14. April 2020

This abbreviation stands for Control and Communications Link. It is a fieldbus system developed by Mitsubishi in 1996. This bus system is mainly used by automation systems made in Asia. Due to strong customer demand, CC-Link was launched in the market in 1999 as an open network. Third-party providers were also able to develop interfaces […]


Shielded cables in moving applications

Jan Arnoldy | 9. April 2020

In some articles we have already mentioned how important the appropriate shielding is for the cable. Today we would like to take a closer look at this component of the cable, especially shielded cables in moving applications. In the process we would also like to answer the following questions: Why does a cable need a […]


Cores wound in bundles or in layers?

Jan Arnoldy | 7. April 2020

Stranding means wrapping the cores of multi-core cables around a centre element. During cable design, stranding plays a decisive role with respect to movement. There is a fundamental distinction between cores wound in bundles and cores wound in layers. We will examine both of them more closely below. What are cores wound in layers? When […]



How long can plastic withstand radioactive radiation?

Kathrin Kretz | 6. April 2020

When I attended my first trial day at igus years ago, a colleague told me, “It is never boring here. We get fascinating queries every day. Right now I’ve been tasked to find out whether energy chains can withstand radioactive radiation.”