Where are cables used?
chainflex cables in storage and retrieval units

Sascha Mais | 6. July 2020

Our contribution to the use of chainflex cables at great heights already showed how differently cables are used. Today we dedicate ourselves to the use of our cables in storage and retrieval units. Storage and retrieval units, or SRUs for short, have become indispensable in modern high-bay warehouses. The requirements are thereby becoming increasingly complex […]


Can control cables also be used as ASi bus cables?

Nils Jäger | 2. July 2020

I am often asked why ASi bus cables are specially shaped and if it is possible to use a round 2×1.5mm² control cable . Therefore it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the topic AS-i bus. Where is the ASi bus cable used? It is important to know where this bus system is […]


Why are so many people unaware that igus sells cables?

Jan Arnoldy | 29. June 2020

“You have cables, too?” How often I have heard that question. Many customers still act surprised when they hear that igus has cables in its range in addition to energy chains. This is why I want to take a look at the history of chainflex cables in this article. Why does a plastics company produce […]


Tested cables
What is it that we do every day in the chainflex laboratory?

Andreas Muckes | 26. June 2020

We have already written a number of articles about our test laboratory. We have also described special customer tests and shown why the laboratory is so important. Today, we will take a closer look at routine cable test operations. What is it that our colleagues do there? Setting up our own or customer-specific experiments Our […]


What is a corkscrew in a cable and how can it be avoided?

Andreas Muckes | 22. June 2020

Those who deal with cables or use cables in their applications are often familiar with the so-called corkscrew. Today we would like to explain what a corkscrew is, how it develops and of course how it can be avoided. The corkscrew Everyone knows the actual corkscrew. Meanwhile there are countless variants on the market. While […]