What is a thermal compensation cable?

Sascha Mais | 3. June 2020

In recent articles we have answered questions about motor, control,, servo and medium voltage cables. Today we will devote ourselves to a very special cable. The thermal compensation cable. What is a thermal compensation cable and where are these types of cables used? Where are thermal compensation cables used? A thermal compensation cable is the […]


Test laboratory for cables
only for research and development? – NO!

Andreas Muckes | 27. May 2020

We have already written about our test laboratory for cables and its importance in a previous article. In addition to testing for research and development, and for safety in new products, our laboratory also offers other possibilities, which we would like to discuss in more detail today. The standard tests Newly manufactured cables are always […]


The chainflex genes
7 basic rules for a good cable

Katharina Esch | 25. May 2020

Every new employee at igus® is given intensive training regarding our different company products. Cable training is one elementary component of this. In the process, we pay lots of attention to the structure of our cables, to the so-called “7 reasons”. For us, this special structure is very important. Therefore, we would like to explain […]


How are cables that are sold by the metre shipped?

Max Herrmann | 19. May 2020

A question that is often asked after an order is placed: who will actually bring me the goods and in what form or packaging will my cable be delivered to me? We can rule out one thing in advance: carrier pigeons do not deliver cables. For this, we need a forwarding company or a parcel […]


Why a self-sealing grommet does not provide strain relief.

Marco Thull | 18. May 2020

In this article, the self-sealing grommet does not play a role or only a very small one. I came across the (for me, new) term “self-sealing grommet” when I was looking for details about strain relief on the web. To cut matters short: self-sealing grommets are not used for strain relief and are therefore only suitable for […]