How are cables that are sold by the metre shipped?

Max Herrmann | 19. May 2020

A question that is often asked after an order is placed: who will actually bring me the goods and in what form or packaging will my cable be delivered to me? We can rule out one thing in advance: carrier pigeons do not deliver cables. For this, we need a forwarding company or a parcel […]


Why a self-sealing grommet does not provide strain relief.

Marco Thull | 18. May 2020

In this article, the self-sealing grommet does not play a role or only a very small one. I came across the (for me, new) term “self-sealing grommet” when I was looking for details about strain relief on the web. To cut matters short: self-sealing grommets are not used for strain relief and are therefore only suitable for […]


What happens in our test laboratory?

Andreas Muckes | 13. May 2020

We at igus are very proud to have the largest test laboratory for moving cables with an area of 3,800 m². It is not only our customers who benefit from this. We, too, appreciate this opportunity and can therefore draw on the full potential. Today we want to show what exactly happens in our test […]


Single Pair Ethernet – a flash in the pan or a revolution?

Andreas Muckes | 11. May 2020

About 4 years ago, companies wrote the information “Industry 4.0” on just about everything. Every magazine, every website and every advertising mail used this term. It seems to be similar with the three letter term SPE (Single Pair Ethernet). Apparently everyone is talking about SPE and it feels a bit like a trend. But does […]


readycable in RBGs

Quality products in continuous use – igus readycable with industrial plug-in connectors from HARTING supply storage and retrieval units

Markus Hueffel | 11. May 2020

In tropical conditions or even in deep freezers – a high availability of the storage and retrieval units is indispensable with a throughput of up to 30 double cycles per hour. Together with plug-in connectors from Harting, harnessed energy supply systems from igus ensure permanent availability for vertical movements in modular warehousing and logistics systems.