No more fairy tales …
“I am only allowed to use original drive cables from the drive manufacturer!”

Katharina Esch | 19. August 2020

There is a widespread rumour that one is forced to use the original drive cables of the drive manufacturer. With this rumour I would like to clarify today and explain why this statement belongs to the realm of fairy tales. In this context I regularly hear statements that are not true. I would like to […]


chainflex cables in textile machines
service life target qualified & money saved

Andreas Muckes | 31. July 2020

Our customer from the textile industry manufactures knitting machines. To me, knitting a sweater never seemed like a great science. And even with the appropriate machines I had no high-tech devices in mind. Why does this customer need high-quality cables? I learned that nowadays people knit much more than just scarves and sweaters. The opposite […]


Where are cables used?
chainflex cables in robot applications

Sascha Mais | 16. July 2020

In recent articles we have looked at how chainflex cables are used in storage and retrieval units and in crane systems. Today we take a closer look at the topic of robot applications. Because igus is not only market leader in the field of cables for the energy chain, but also offers a wide range […]



Why flexible cables are not a wear-resistant part

Stefan Wehrmann | 13. July 2020

Production processes can be clearly and easily perfected by using cables that are optimised for the application. Otherwise, supposedly cost-effective wear-resistant parts quickly turn out to be hidden cost traps.


Why fibre optic cables?

Max Herrmann | 9. July 2020

Most of us know the term fibre optic cable also under the name glass fibre cable. This topic is very much present among us because we know it from the media. Almost daily we are literally “connected” with it. Fibre optic cables have been providing fast and good Internet transmission for several years. Not only […]