Stripping cables – who wants to do that?

Andreas Muckes | 19. November 2020

I don’t know any electrician who enjoys stripping cables. Stripping is no fun on a workbench. At a machine, the lack of space and poor lighting often presents us with completely different challenges and also involves a risk of injury. In a control cabinet between terminal blocks and other components, it is just not possible […]


Where are cables used?
chainflex cables in stage technology

Sascha Mais | 11. November 2020

Sometimes, our business actually resembles show business. So we can identify wonderfully with the slogan “The show must go on”. And in the events industry this is probably also true. Failures cannot be afforded here. It must go on forever. How cables in stage technology contribute to success is the subject of today’s article. Stage […]


Abrasion behaviour of cables

Stefan Wehrmann | 5. November 2020

Abrasion behaviour or abrasion resistance are terms which are often used in connection with cables in e-chains. Because the abrasion behaviour is essential for the durability of a cable. Why do cables have to be abrasion-resistant? To make a long story short: so that they last longer. The longer, the better. Depending on the application, […]


Which equipment do I need for an optimal soldering result?

Beke Nieszytka | 4. November 2020

Soldering is an important part of working with electronic components. For components to be firmly connected to each other and for electricity to flow without problems, not only is the right soldering technique required but also the right equipment. Based on our daily work in cable harnessing, we will show you in this article which equipment makes your soldering work easier.


Why customer training helps save money

Andreas Muckes | 21. October 2020

Customer training sounds strange at first, doesn’t it? When it comes to training, I have different images in my head.   Fortunately, we do not try any gimmicks with our customers. We also do not let them go through boot camp or make them pump weights. Nevertheless, we train our customers and thus give an […]