Just look, don’t touch! With us it is different

Andreas Muckes | 23. September 2020

Of course this is just a saying. But in fact – especially in the retail trade – this is often the case. You don’t often hear this when you enter a shop. Unless you are out with children. But sellers often radiate this. It’s different when it comes to cables. Who wants to buy a […]


Where are cables used? Chainflex cables in sewage treatment plants

Sascha Mais | 16. September 2020

Recent contributions have dealt with crane systems,, storage and retrieval units and robot applications. Today we will take a look at how and for what purpose chainflex cables are used in sewage treatment plants, because these are also among the areas of application for chainflex. Special requirements for cables in sewage treatment plants Sewage treatment […]


At last! The new 2020 chainflex catalogue is ready!

Rainer Rössel | 10. September 2020

Every year, we and many customers, await the new chainflex catalogue. We are continuously improving it to provide yet more valuable information for our customers. The new chainflex catalogue What’s new? What’s worth knowing? Besides individual changes in the product pages there are also new approvals. This includes UL verified. We have also included the […]


Current carrying capacity of cables

Rainer Rössel | 7. September 2020

The current carrying capacity of cables is one of the decisive selection parameters, especially in the field of energy transmission, or for classic motor and servo cables. The DIN VDE 0298-4 says amongst other things:“The current carrying capacity is the maximum permissible current under certain conditions at which the conductor is not heated above the permissible […]


Order is a must – even with often inconspicuous round connectors

Markus Hueffel | 4. September 2020

In order to be able to exploit all the advantages, a certain degree of order is also required for small connector components. This requires a way to easily fasten or securely install round connectors. And this is exactly what such plug holders are for.