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Crossing the Alps in flip-flops
Why cables that cost less are not always better

Sascha Mais | 19. May 2021

“The most cost-effective solution that works for the customer is the best!” This has been our philosophy at igus for years, and it has served us and our customers well. I would like to show that the purchase price itself, however, often plays a secondary role. I will use something that I experienced with one […]


Cables for extreme heat

Stefan Wehrmann | 14. May 2021

At the moment, the spring weather is still a bit of a wait. But in a few weeks it will probably start again with the higher temperatures. Who knows, maybe another record summer awaits us, as it has in recent years. Cables that are used outdoors often have to withstand seasonal temperature fluctuations. Due to […]


Why copper? Copper as a conductor material?

Patrick Czaja | 10. May 2021

“Cables made of silver and gold-plated connectors. Is this a trend out of Hollywood?” I had to smile when this question was asked in a training course for mechatronics trainees. Haven’t you ever wondered why cables are mostly made of copper and why there are such exotics where precious metals like gold and silver are […]


“Colourful mix” at igus
Creative online customer appointments

igu-blog-adm | 5. May 2021

The world is happening online. Perhaps you have already taken part in an online customer appointment? What did you think? Online appointments are no longer new. In past posts, we’ve talked about buying cables in the home office and the importance of haptics when selling cables. After a year of practice, we are well settled […]


How a new path began at Ethernet

Andreas Muckes | 3. May 2021

It’s been over 5 years since I talked to other product managers about how Ethernet is evolving in the industry. CAT7 as a cable for the e-chain was a big topic at the time. The idea was to bring SPE technology from the car to the industry. Of course, a lot had to be created […]