Cables in potentially explosive atmospheres
What is ATEX?

igu-blog-adm | 21. January 2021

Sometimes you hear the term “explosive environment” and in this context also the term “ATEX”. Today we will take a closer look at what this is all about and why it is related to cables. What is a potentially explosive environment? A potentially explosive environment is a place where mixtures of vapours, gases or dust […]


The 5 funniest phrases and misconceptions about cables

igu-blog-adm | 13. January 2021

Do you think humour and technology have anything to do with each other? Convince yourself that the opposite is true in this blog post. “I think you’ve got your wires crossed” or “You’re slow on the uptake”. Everyone is probably familiar with this or similar expressions.  And, of course, everyone knows that no one has […]


Online seminars with igus
How does online training get going?

Andreas Muckes | 6. January 2021

The virus caught us all off guard and presented me with completely new challenges in my role as Product Manager. One of my tasks, which I share with my colleagues, is to explain new products to our customers. This requires the ability to answer technical questions, but also consider a broad range of positions. That […]


chainflex news at SPS 2020

Nils Jäger | 16. December 2020

Every year around the same time, SPS takes place in Nuremberg. Every year we present our chainflex innovations from the cable sector there. For many of our customers, it is a kind of tradition to visit us at this trade show stand and see our new products. We don’t want to miss that this year […]


A virtual trade show
Why it pays to visit the trade show

Nils Jäger | 9. December 2020

In our last article, we reported on our virtual trade show. Why are trade shows so important for our customers? And why does a visit to our virtual trade show pay? Why a virtual trade show pays This trade show stand offers our customers the opportunity to become familiar with our latest products – as […]