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De-icing vehicles protect the lives of airline passengers – and igus helps

Florian Schiller | 26. July 2021

Snow and ice collecting on aircraft can quickly compromise aircraft safety. They impair aerodynamics and can therefore, in the worst case, cause stalling resulting in a crash. That is why, wherever cold temperatures are the norm, special machines are used: de-icing vehicles. How does de-icing work, and what agents are used? De-icing is a two-step […]


Flame-retardant TPE and halogen-free TPE

Katharina Esch | 17. June 2021

There are countless materials in the world. But very few come into question for the cable industry. The most frequently used jacket materials in cable technology are PVC and PUR. But, in addition to these two outer jacket materials, we at igus use TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). However, not all TPEs are created equal. That is […]


“The Toilet Paper Effect”
How good communication can prevent bottlenecks

Nils Jäger | 10. June 2021

Last year, we experienced the “Toilet Paper Effect” as I like to call it. Many will remember that toilet paper was sold out in several countries. If excess was available, people often bought more than they actually needed. A strange cycle developed. Who knows when toilet paper will be for sale again. So it’s better […]


The right cable at the push of a button
The chainflex product finder

igu-blog-adm | 7. June 2021

It had to be exactly this rain jacket. This yellow. The waterproof version. Not repellent, but tight. I knew the specifications very well. The requirements were so clear to me that I could search specifically. I didn’t feel like having long conversations with sales people. It is much quicker to do it online. Type it […]


What is FastConnect?

Katharina Esch | 26. May 2021

In almost all industries, it is important to use systems that work simply, quickly and reliably. Just like Profinet FastConnect. In today’s article, I will tell you what this technology is all about. Time is money Time is an important commodity. And that is not all. Because time simply costs money. It’s not for nothing […]