Where are cables used?
chainflex cables used at great heights

Sascha Mais | 18. June 2020

The list of areas of use for chainflex cables and applications is long. It is therefore difficult to say in a nutshell where cables will be used. This is partly due to the many different branches of industry that igus supplies with its wide range of products. It is always exciting for us to see […]


Why do we need the UL Verified certificate?

Jan Arnoldy | 15. June 2020

Many customers have been asking us recently why we are adding another certificate to our product portfolio. We already have a UL certificate. Why another one? Why do we need the UL Verified certificate? What does it say and how does it differ from the existing one? These questions are legitimate and we will discuss […]


We also test cables exclusively – because it helps everyone

Andreas Muckes | 10. June 2020

Many years of experience are now behind us. Among other things, these have shown that it is important to test cables exclusively. This helps not only the customers, but also us. Individual customer applications under test In addition to our own requirements regarding the durability of the cables, users often have their own special ideas […]


How do I select the correct control cable?

Stefan Wehrmann | 5. June 2020

In my product training courses for new sales employees, I traditionally impart a lot of theory. This ranges from the fundamentals of electrical engineering to cable production and cable materials. When I explain the different types of cables, their intended use and specifications, I have a very important perspective: the real practice. I teach my […]


Cables for crane applications

Theo Diehl | 3. June 2020

A wide variety of cables are used in modern crane systems. The load due to constant movement is the same for all trolley and crane supply cables.