Day 1: Preliminaries!

The GermanOpen started this Friday with the first matches and we are more than happy with the first results. We won the first match 9-0 against Nao Devils, who were often strong competitors in previous tournaments. But this year B-Human already scored after 20 seconds by a shot from distance. These shots were also in the rest of game a common mean to get the ball into the opposing goal. The audience was amazed how B-Human always could adjust quickly to a new situation and how they put pressure on the opposite team. But this success was topped off in the second game! In the afternoon we have won even 12-0 against the team L3M (Les Trois Mousquetaires) from France. Since this team made ​​no move after each kick-off, not even touching the ball, B-Human could take over the game immediately.This successful first day led to a good mood the whole team. Nevertheless, work is continuing on known problems and we are very excited to see how our robots will play against stronger opponents.

Day 1 Preliminaries!

RoboCup GermanOpen 2013

This year’s robocup season has started! Traditionally we start it with the German Open in Magdeburg where we have to
defend two titles. We use the first two days to prepare our robots. The joints have to be calibrated, the cameras
have to be adjusted to the lighting conditions and of course, there are always some last-minute changes on our software.
The 14 team members care about the 14 robots which were brought from Bremen. Due to this year’s rule changes, five of them
play on a 6m x 9m playing field.
The software has already been heavily tested and improved in the laborious weeks preceding the German Open. The whole team
is very motivated and is looking forward to the first match on friday against Nao Devils from Dortmund!

RoboCup GermanOpen 2013

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