Energy chain or busbar system

Christian Strauch | 30. September 2021

There are 2 approaches to vertical energy supply systems on storage and retrieval units or lifters (shuttles):

>Energy chain or the conductor cable. <

Both systems are rated differently by leading manufacturers of these systems. Very often it is technical reasons that speak for the energy chain. Sometimes it is the price that decides one system over another.
The company igus strives to combine the advantages of both worlds: we develop new systems that are just as easy to install like a busbar system.

Pluggable, smallest installation space, lightweight components and flexible field lengths (important for RBG’s and lifters, which are built up as segments and thus transported to the construction site) make the systems so unique. And, of course, our systems can be customised to meet specific customer requirements.

All this is available at a cost-effective price along with classic advantages of the energy chain such as safety, freedom from maintenance, flexibility and, of course, 100% secure data transmission via bus cable.
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