Can I monitor the wear of my bearing systems?

igu-blog-adm | 2. July 2019

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At igus, we have the right sensors for linear systems, slewing ring bearings and plain bearings in the product range. They all belong to the products, which enable predictive maintenance.

DLT.W – Sensor for wear in drylin T linear systems

Schematic representation of DLT.W sensor

DLW.W – Wear monitoring of drylin W linear guides

  • Sensor measures the wear of the linear bearing
  • Signal when the specified limit is reached
  • The linear bearing can be replaced in good time
Schematic diagram

PRT. W – Sensor for wear of iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings

  • Sensor measures the abrasion of the sliding elements
  • Message when a limit value is reached
  • Predictable and timely replacement of the individual sliding elements
Schematic diagram of PRT. W sensor

isense plain bearing

  • Integrated sensor system measures wear
  • The plain bearing can be replaced in good time before a critical wear
Intelligent bearing technology in agriculture
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