Where can I find information on the installation and commissioning of i.Sense CF.D for cable monitoring?

Richard Habering | 26. November 2021

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Cables typically last for many years, but with many cycles of high speed and severe bending, it is beneficial to have the connection systems monitored to avoid unforeseen production failures. igus offers a ready-to-install solution for this with i.Sense CF.D from smart plastics. This is a condition monitoring product that evaluates the current performance of bus & Ethernet cables.

You can perform the mechanical installation of i.Sense CF.D using the following steps:

  1. Install modules in network cable
  2. Labels indicate direction
  3. e-chain® on label in direction of the cable to be measured, screen on label in the direction of the further transmission path (switch/consumer)
  4. Avoid heat accumulation, provide sufficient ventilation
  5. Protect from moisture

For further details, please refer to the operating manual: https://igus.widen.net/s/b75xwxp9qc/sma_de_dokumentation-cf.d_de

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