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Are lightweight linear guides the future?

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

Are lightweight linear guides the future?

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A linear guide made of aluminium, plastic or carbon? But it is not very durable. A linear guide must be made of steel, only then is it any good. And that’s true: In many applications involving the dynamic movement of high loads, linear guides made of steel are the first choice. But times have changed; linear guides are facing new challenges. New markets and needs are emerging. Environmental issues and sustainability have become important factors. In aircraft construction or automotive engineering, every gramme counts in the fight to reduce emissions. In the area of electro-mobility, adjusting functions are performed with the help of lightweight linear guides, which means less weight, less consumption and longer operating times. And everything completely lubrication-free, of course. An instructive comparison of the weight of a metal linear guide with that of a plastic bearing can be found here:

And one of the lightest linear guides at:

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