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How is a liner changed?

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

How is a liner changed?

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As an alternative to lubricated ball bushings, there is the clear, self-lubricating linear bearing adapter. The two cylindrical types have identical installation heights and can be installed in any linear housing. The liner is the centrepiece of the linear bearing. The patented geometry combines a locating spigot with a radial anti-rotation feature. The inner contour is characterised by alternating sliding crossbars and low-lying dirt channels. Dirt particles can thus be removed through the bearing and do not remain on the inside.

Thanks to this geometry, it is also possible to change the liner by hand without any tools:

  1. Push the linear plain bearing off the shaft.
  2. Slightly roll the linear liner up and thus detach it from the axial spigot and radial anti-rotation element.
  3. Push liner out of the housing.
  4. Then, insert liner (slightly overlapping) into the housing and allow it to latch into place.
  5. Now, the linear adapter can be placed onto the shaft again and inserted into a linear housing.

And this is how the liner is changed in less than 40 seconds.

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