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Corrosion protection of linear guides?

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

Corrosion protection of linear guides?

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Enquiries about protection of linear guides against corrosion are made very often as they are used in all possible environments. Indoors, I “only” need the appropriate lubrication. In the garage, it can generally be damper. Used outside, of course, it comes into contact with rain, snow, heat and low temperatures as well as dirt and dust. And in the north of Europe, there is a different climate than in the Far East, with its high humidity, for example. In contrast to an industrial facility operating 24/7, it is usually used in the evening or at the weekend and is at a standstill most of the time. And now the question of questions begins …what grease provides the best lubrication and best protection against corrosion and where do I get it? The first thing to do is to look at the manufacturer’s website or consider products of other manufacturers. Viscous or rather of low viscosity? For normal temperatures or for high or low temperatures? Do I have a lot of dust and dirt? What grease can I obtain fastest and is easiest to apply? What grease can attack my goods, which are to be made? In forums, there are pro and contra arguments for almost every recommendation. And the issue of environmental pollution is becoming more relevant than ever before, while manufacturers are confronted with questions such as “On what basis is the grease produced?” What happens when human skin comes into contact with the grease? Or my jacket? What about hazards to health? How are the container or aerosol dispensers disposed of? Residual waste or take it to the mobile service for the disposal of harmful substances? The easiest thing to do is to avoid the dilemma by using a linear guide system. Components are corrosion-resistant, aluminium-anodised or hard-anodised, stainless steel in any case and include plastic bearings. And it works very cleanly, can be easily cleaned with water and no lubrication is needed.

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