Which connections or interfaces have the actual i.Sense CF.D monitoring device?

Richard Habering | 26. November 2021

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The innovative sensor technology for bus and Ethernet cables from i.Sense CF.D is particularly space-saving and compact in its design and can be retrofitted into the existing cable setup at any time – keyword retrofit. The sensor is operated with an economical 5V DC and is resistant to vibration and shock according to DIN EN 60529.

For this purpose, a feed-through adapter is looped in at the beginning and end between the critical application or the cable to be monitored and the control side. The monitoring device is connected to its environment via the two interfaces:

  • UART: 5V 115200 baud, 8N1, no parity
  • Ethernet: 100Mbit/s, connection of the cable to be measured

For exact pin assignment and installation diagram, it is best to consult the complete i.Sense CF.D Operation Manual.

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