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Bearing change on the rail in 30 seconds

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

Bearing change on the rail in 30 seconds

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An outstanding component of the modular drylin W linear system is the WJ200UMA exchange bearing. With this type of linear bearing, the liner can be changed directly on the rail. No linear housing, no linear carriage, no linear module, no delta robot needs to be removed for this. All four bearings can be replaced in an extremely short time and the system is ready to start again in less than two minutes. Nowhere is there such a short standstill time. Housing and lid are recycled of course.

  1. Use a screwdriver to undo the lid on the side. It also serves as a locating spigot.
  2. Use the assembly tool to push the liner out of the housing.
  3. Unclip or push the liner from the rail.
  4. Clip in the new liner and use the assembly tool to push it flush into the housing.
  5. Allow the lid with locating spigot to snap into place, then you are finished.

This is how it is done in the case of an individual bearing and a linear carriage:

Installation instructions:

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