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Chapter 2 Electrostatic discharge prevention: ESD protection for the workplace

Maria Burkanova | 5. June 2020

Anyone working with sensitive electronics such as computer chips or sensitive laboratory equipment must take measures to avoid electrostatic discharges. Floor coverings made of synthetic fibres and other objects in the workplace that are made of synthetic materials are a frequent cause of electrostatic discharge due to friction. The lower the humidity in the room, […]


Cables for crane applications

Theo Diehl | 3. June 2020

A wide variety of cables are used in modern crane systems. The load due to constant movement is the same for all trolley and crane supply cables.


FDA-compliant linear technology for medical products comes from Cologne

Ingo Urbach | 26. May 2020

When the corona pandemic (COVID-19) broke out, many companies volunteered to manufacture medical products such as masks, gowns, ventilators and face shields. In addition to the FDA-compliant materials used for the actual masks, gowns, ventilators and face shields, the tools and machinery used to manufacture these products must also meet FDA compliance standards. Depending on […]


Rotation in a machine tool

Lars Butenschön | 20. May 2020

Lathes, spindles and machine tools nearly always involve some form of rotation. The guidance of electric cables and hydraulic and pneumatic hoses is usually a difficult challenge. Even though an individual solution is needed for each machine, a variation of the following six possibilities is usually involved: 1. Coiling of an e-chain 2. Coiling of […]


ready for smart – does that make sense in offshore applications?

Richard Habering | 19. May 2020

Offshore – where service work costs millions: is that really necessary? Energy supply at drilling rigs, construction machines and shore power applications – cold, wet, dirty and heavy. Real stress for thick cables and hard hoses, but also for sensitive bus and data cables. Too much stress leads to breakages – which usually cost a […]