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Energy supply

autoglide 5 update

Christian Strauch | 10. November 2021

autoglide 5, the energy chain for long distances that does not require a guide trough. I introduced this special energy chain about 18 months ago. Lots has happened since then. We have refined the chain: 1. New sizes have been added. In addition to the series 2400.07 with the relevant radius, this type was completed […]


Fast AND smart: the micro flizz safely guides energy, data and media … even in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Richard Habering | 5. November 2021

Guiding energy, data and media in the tightest of spaces at high speeds is a major challenge for many users, such as those working in intralogistics. The igus micro flizz offers a compact energy supply system for travels of up to 100 metres. If the user wants to monitor his bus cable's transmission characteristics, igus now offers the intelligent CF.D system. It monitors the cable's data transmission characteristics predictively and warns of failure in good time.


How electric sliding gates become more reliable

pwirth | 11. October 2021

Defects on electric sliding gates are annoying. They waste time and generate costs – for example when lorries can no longer enter the company premises. microflizz – an energy supply system from igus that has won the iF Design Award – ensures greater reliability. In this post, I'll show you the benefits of the system.


The world of aviation standards – an overview

Florian Schiller | 4. October 2021

Aviation has fascinated people for many decades and has developed rapidly during this time. Keywords here include flying at supersonic speeds, synthetic fuel and autonomous flight. However, there is one crucial guiding principle that defines the industry across all issues and times: passenger safety. Since passenger safety is always the top priority when flying, a […]


Energy chain or busbar system

Christian Strauch | 30. September 2021

There are 2 approaches to vertical energy supply systems on storage and retrieval units or lifters (shuttles): >Energy chain or the conductor cable. < Both systems are rated differently by leading manufacturers of these systems. Very often it is technical reasons that speak for the energy chain. Sometimes it is the price that decides one […]