Energy supply

Save costs in purchasing! Goodbye over-engineering!

Marco Thull | 29. July 2020

Buy products with specifications that are not necessary at all: companies lose money this way and increase installation and maintenance costs. How it is possible, especially in Corona times, to remember the motto “Keep it simple” and save costs. Do you know about over-engineering? The term describes products with features that cost time and money, […]


Automatisches Parksystem

How can downtime be reduced by using an adapter?

Beke Nieszytka | 21. July 2020

Automatic parking systems use conveyor technology to bring vehicles into parking position vertically and/or horizontally. There are two types of automatic parking systems: semi-automatic and fully automatic systems.


Which energy supply system makes sense for top drive systems?

Tim Schneebeck | 17. July 2020

The oil and gas business is not an easy one, especially in the so-called upstream production and extraction sector. Driven by the oil price, plants today have to work more and more efficiently to survive in the market. Many of the plants currently in operation are either not automated or only semi-automated. The efficiency of […]


Energy chains in the work area

mkogelmann | 30. June 2020

Energy chains in the work area What used to be normal (energy chains in the working area) is now largely avoided. However, some applications cannot be implemented otherwise. Hot or sharp-edged swarf can quickly impair the function of an energy supply system. Regardless of whether the swarf damages the cables or swarf clusters minimise the […]


The energy chain in the lane – Part 6

Christian Strauch | 16. June 2020

autoglide 5: Everything possible, or what? As extensively described in the last parts, the autoglide 5 is in many ways much better than a busbar system. To highlight just a few benefits: – Extremely fast installation: usually less than an hour, regardless of length! -You save a lot of time: time is cash, time is […]