Fast AND smart: the micro flizz safely guides energy, data and media … even in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Richard Habering | 5. November 2021

Guiding energy, data and media in the tightest of spaces at high speeds is a major challenge for many users, such as those working in intralogistics. The igus micro flizz offers a compact energy supply system for travels of up to 100 metres. It consists of an energy chain, flexible chainflex cables for tight bend radii and an aluminium guide channel. This allows travel speeds of up to 6m/s and accelerations of up to 4m/s². If the user wants to monitor his bus cable’s transmission characteristics, igus now offers the option of using the intelligent CF.D system in the micro flizz. It monitors the cable’s data transmission characteristics predictively and warns of failure in good time.

i.Sense CF.D allows monitoring of highly dynamic e-chain cables in the Smart Factory

The mechanical loads in energy chains eventually change bus cable transmission characteristics. In addition to linear travels, this applies to three-dimensional movements such as those in robot dress packs. The result is data transmission disruptions or even unforeseen plant failures. i.Sense CF.D allows advance detection of impairments to the chainflex bus cable. The intelligent system consists of an evaluation unit and two cable adapters, which are integrated at the beginning and end of the mechanically stressed bus cable. The evaluation module is then placed in the control cabinet. Special data packs are transmitted between the two for measurement purposes, and cable quality is continuously evaluated on the basis of the increasing number of lost or damaged packs. If a predefined value is exceeded, the customer is alerted via a dashboard and the necessary action can be taken. More information about installation and commissioning via the associated i.Cee user interface can be found here: i.Sense CF.D manual.

The smart micro flizz in practice

Sliding gates move constantly – often day and night, 365 days a year. Components are exposed to permanent load. Accordingly, it is important that components are wear-resistant. To achieve this, our designers came up with a refinement: they integrated side wings with a spring element into the links of the e-chain. When stretched, they hold the chain securely in a groove in the upper and lower part of the aluminium enclosure. If the chain bends, the wings fold in automatically. This allows the energy chain to leave the groove and settle down freely.

Narrow, compact spaces and fast movement in lanes, such as those typical in storage and retrieval units, are common scenarios for busbar systems. Their big disadvantage is that they can normally be used only for energy transmission. But the micro flizz energy supply system can supply data, fluids, air and energy simultaneously, horizontally and vertically. For especially sensitive applications with the highest availability requirements, the i.Sense CF.D was added. Early alerts, even for the slightest changes in transmission characteristics, allows the CF.D system to detect incipient plant shutdowns in good time. High costs for unplanned production losses can thus be avoided.

You can look forward to a special update on condition monitoring in cables at this year’s SPS trade fair in Nuremberg from 23/11/2021 – 25/11/2021. Just come by our booth (4/310) and get a preview online right now:

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