Smart retro-fitting made easy … with complete sets from smart plastics that can be ordered online

Richard Habering | 12. November 2021

“Condition monitoring”, “predictive maintenance”, “Internet of Things” … It can all make your head spin. Implementing or introducing modern technologies into proven processes is not easy, especially when it comes to integrating non-discipline components, such as electrotechnical sensors into mechanical processes. Instead of a ready-to-install package including simple step-by-step instructions, you get lots of counter-questions from suppliers.

How long is the travel? How great is the acceleration? What kind of energy chain is it? What sensors do you need? How will the signals from the sensors be processed? Who is the system manufacturer? And so on.

There are good reasons for all these questions and they can be helpful for perfect project planning. But things often move too fast for such detail. Things change. To make it easier for you to find your way to networked production, we have assembled smart plastics complete sets for you in our online shop. These predefined complete sets enable you to obtain a fully configured assembly to match your existing energy supply system in just three clicks. This means that you are always in a position to equip your energy supply system with intelligent sensors at the next maintenance appointment without a long lead time.

The smart plastics complete sets consist of several components, covering condition monitoring – i.Sense and predictive maintenance – i.Cee.

i.Sense components for condition monitoring: 

  • i.Sense EC.P for monitoring push/pull forces 
  • i.Sense EC.B for breakage monitoring
  • i.Sense: module II for installation in a switch cabinet
  • Connecting cables

i.Cee predictive maintenance components: 

  • i.Cee:plus module II
  • i.Cee LIVE Dashboard on the local network
  • SMS module: for alerts without an http connection 
  • Wear sensors

In the selection area, you can tailor the complete set to your individual application. And if the suggested selections for chain length or cable tails do not fit exactly, you can always contact us directly. We would be happy to customise the set for you. The download area also has all necessary documents, such as operating and installation instructions. Here is a quick overview of the main features:

  • Continuous pull/push force monitoring with EC.P sensors on the moving end
  • Energy chain monitoring for breakage (i.Sense EC.B)
  • Evaluation of the sensor data in the module
  • Lightning-fast information to the PLC  when there are unusual events
  • Service life calculation based on actual usage (determined with wear sensors)
  • Maintenance management
  • SMS – Alerting

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