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Energy supply

Fast, fast, fast … Features of AG 5

Christian Strauch | 2. March 2022

An autoglide energy chain that does not require a guide trough has been available from igus for about 20 years. The principle of crossbars, which are designed like “tiewrap plates” so that the upper run can slide on the lower run while being fixed laterally, has been around for a long time. The decisive difference […]


Energy chains long enough to reach around the earth almost five times

pwirth | 21. February 2022

A total operating distance of 197,120 km: No problem for igus E4.Q-series energy chains – provided that the conditions are right. And the conditions can be determined in a matter of seconds – with an online service life calculator.


autoglide 5: Small lane, big effect!

Christian Strauch | 18. February 2022

Why is the autoglide 5 so interesting, especially for short to medium lanes? Explaining this requires some maths: Example: A travel distance of 50 metres with a busbar system compared to 50 metres with the autoglide 5: Busbar system: What is needed? The busbar system itself:                           about 50 euros/metre = 2500 euros! Optical data transmission:                     […]


Four closed energy chains for dirt and chip protection that are guaranteed to work

jhang | 7. February 2022

In harsh environments, cables need to be protected from dust, chips, dirt and other external influences. The best protection is offered by the closed energy chains from igus® – also known as energy tubes or e-tubes. What are closed energy chains? Compared to open energy chains (picture 1), closed energy chains (diagram 2) are completely […]


Conductor line retrofit with autoglide 5

Christian Strauch | 26. January 2022

Storage and retrieval units are often in use for more than 20 years. In the meantime, the units, like all machines, are regularly maintained, inspected, repaired and cleaned in a more or less fixed cycle whereby an electrical or mechanical retrofit is sometimes necessary. The conductor line in the aisle is an important part of […]