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iSet reduces design effort: one complete energy chain, please!

pwirth | 23. November 2021

Assembling an energy chain system? Won’t be necessary in the future due to the new iSet assemblies. They offer ready-to-install complete energy chain sets for common industrial scenarios, reducing the design effort.

Many designers know the conflict involved in looking for energy supply systems for machines and plants: creating solutions for a situation that will not be repeated. Not off-the-shelf. For this individualization, igus has always offered modular assembly for components such as guide troughs and connection and strain relief elements.

But things don’t always have to be unique. Sometimes in the context of standard applications, designers need the exact opposite: not individualization, but standardization: harmonized components that have already proven themselves in comparable applications and that can minimize design time. No need to search. And igus has reacted to this demand as well by introducing a new module: the iSet.

iSets: growing library of ready-to-install solutions for various industries

What is special: Designers no longer have to assemble individual components and instead simply select a suitable iSet: for example, the iSet 4040RHDB for travels of up to 200 metres in outdoor cranes and other heavy-duty applications.

All energy chain system components are included in the iSet: the energy chain, connecting elements, separators, locking separators, strain relief elements, the guide trough with or without a glide bar, the fixed end module and the floating moving end.

Full transparency: CAD data and interactive 360-degree models

To help designers integrate the iSet into machines and systems quickly, important information can be downloaded at the click of a mouse – such as CAD data, data sheets, and detailed assembly instructions. Interactive 360-degree iSet models are also available online.

In addition to the 4040RHDB for heavy-duty applications, the iSet series includes the iSet E4.1 for cranes and material handling; the iSet autoglide 5 for storage and retrieval units and crane systems; the iSet Polymer Rotation Module (PRM) for small measuring machines and camera applications; an iSet for DIY CNC milling; and the iSet basic flizz as an energy supply system for scrapers, rakes and other sewage and water power plants. The latter is aimed at such individuals as designers who are looking for a ready-to-install energy supply system for longitudinal scrapers in sewage treatment plants – without the need for time-consuming tenders. The iSet consists of an energy chain filled with proven chainflex cables that operates in a weatherproof stainless steel enclosure. For travels of up to 100 metres.

Maximally fail-safe: smart plastics allow real-time monitoring

To further reduce design time, all iSets can be equipped with matching igus chainflex series cables with just a few clicks. The cables are optimally prepared for continuous movements in e-chains and are correspondingly durable and safe from interference.

And to allow predictive maintenance and make them even more fail-safe, igus offers the option of complementing the iSets with smart plastics – sensors and evaluation modules that monitor system status in real time and warn technicians when there are problems. One complete energy chain, please!

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