Energy supply

We rotate to infinity and much more!

dklein | 18. March 2022

But how far can it go for you?In today’s blog we would like to devote ourselves to the topic of rotating energy supply. Typical industries and applications are handling machines, robots & packaging machines. The big difference in determining the energy chain length compared to linear motion is in the travel. Linear movements usually involve […]


This is how quickly you can save money with smart condition monitoring systems

Richard Habering | 8. March 2022

However, the financial benefits of Condition Monitoring Systems are often difficult to assess, especially because the initial investment in a modern condition monitoring system does not initially reduce costs, but rather increases them. Therefore, in the next sections, we will look at the financial impact over the entire utilisation period with a break-even analysis based on practical experience in an automotive production hall.


Fast, fast, fast … Features of AG 5

Christian Strauch | 2. March 2022

An autoglide energy chain that does not require a guide trough has been available from igus for about 20 years. The principle of crossbars, which are designed like “tiewrap plates” so that the upper run can slide on the lower run while being fixed laterally, has been around for a long time. The decisive difference […]


Energy chains long enough to reach around the earth almost five times

pwirth | 21. February 2022

A total operating distance of 197,120 km: No problem for igus E4.Q-series energy chains – provided that the conditions are right. And the conditions can be determined in a matter of seconds – with an online service life calculator.


autoglide 5: Small lane, big effect!

Christian Strauch | 18. February 2022

Why is the autoglide 5 so interesting, especially for short to medium lanes? Explaining this requires some maths: Example: A travel distance of 50 metres with a busbar system compared to 50 metres with the autoglide 5: Busbar system: What is needed? The busbar system itself:                           about 50 euros/metre = 2500 euros! Optical data transmission:                     […]