Energy supply

Despite the harsh environment: this energy chain operated for 18 years

pwirth | 9. November 2020

We are not surprised, but nevertheless excited about the news from a customer in the pipe manufacturing industry: for 18 years a first generation rol e-chain has been providing reliable service there –  in harsh environments. Newer systems will surpass this record. What happens in 18 years?: a child is born, learns to walk, graduates […]


igus at the D-Expo Metal

Volker Beissel | 7. October 2020

Virtual trade shows have become the new norm for us since April. Besides our own permanent exhibition in Cologne KMI (Köln Messe igus), we also take part in other exhibitions. The most recent event for the machine tool industry was D-Expo Metall ( Within this framework, I was able to present exclusively some of our […]


Chemical resistance to Ecolab cleaners

Jan Michels | 7. October 2020

The safety of food and drink is crucial to the well-being and health of people around the world. The cleaning and disinfection of food and beverage machines is therefore extremely important. One of the best-known manufacturers of cleaning and disinfection products for this industry is Ecolab. Such cleaners are typically used in beverage filling machines. […]


e-spool flex creates order in the cable clutter

pwirth | 29. September 2020

Winding data cables and media hoses on cable drums? Because this does not work without complex and expensive slip ring technology, cables lying on the floor become a fall hazard in many companies. The alternative: the e-spool-flex cable drum with uninterrupted screw guide. Monday morning in an industrial hall: a technician wants to configure a […]


Pretty corrosive!

pwirth | 9. September 2020

The harsh environment of electroplating plants makes cables and energy supply systems a challenge. The answer from igus: energy chains and guide troughs made of the chemical-resistant, high-performance polymer igumid EG+ and tough chainflex cables. The rim of a sports car flashes in the sun. No wonder, it is covered with chrome plating. The door […]