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Fitters would buy autoglide 5!

Christian Strauch | 27. October 2022

autoglide 5: The ultimate alternative to busbar systems for storage and retrieval units, cross carriages, and other straight-travel applications, where only conductor lines are otherwise used.

So why would fitters buy autoglide 5?

Because it is less work. It is also very simple and not particularly demanding. It leaves more time for more important things on the construction site.

Instead of laborious, time-consuming installation of the metal structure that will later support the conductor line, an AG 5 requires only a steel cable stretched on the ground on which the harnessed energy chain is laid out. After connection to the SRU or CTC, the work is done. VoilĂ !

Experienced fitters can manage it in an hour … whether the travel is 20 metres or 100. The work is the same. Not at all like busbar systems.

AG 5 installation in one hour, nine minutes …

Of course, there are a handful of other important advantages AG has over the conductor line that I have described in previous blog entries. Take a look at them.

Summary: Fitters would buy autoglide 5. No question. So why shouldn’t you?

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