DNV-GL becomes DNV

Andreas Muckes | 27. April 2021

On 1 March 2021, DNV-GL became DNV. This message is currently appearing in relevant newsletters and specialist journals and is raising questions among some customers. Anyone who knows igus knows that the company is closely linked to the offshore industry, especially in the cable market. We would like to explain in this article what possible effects the change at DNV-GL has for our customers.

Our cables with DNV approval

A brief history:
a few years ago, igus developed a new type of test standard for cables in the energy supply chain together with DNV-GL. If cables pass this qualification, this permits their use in moving applications on ships and in the offshore sector. And this without prior, cost-intensive special approvals.
387 of our cables have already been awarded this new classification and can be used in energy chains in the above-mentioned areas. We are proud that our cables were the first in the world to be awarded this certificate.

You can find an overview and information on this topic here.

The path to DNV approval

The approval itself needs some work and research. igus had to prove in elaborate test series that the cables can be used safely and robustly in the offshore sector. Appropriate chainflex cables are highly flexible up to operating temperatures of -35°C and also have a high UV resistance.

The certificate confirms compatibility for use under permanent solar radiation or prolonged cold conditions.
Other factors considered in the testing for DNV-GL certification are seawater resistance and oil resistance. To sum up, the certificate states that cables are suitable for use in a maritime environment.

DNV-GL becomes DNV

Back to the in-depth question: what does the latest change mean for us at igus or you as a customer?
First of all, this change is solely about a name change.

No certificates need to be changed. All certificates issued with DNV-GL remain valid.

Our DNV-GL approvals

Here you will find an overview of our cables with DNV-approval:

Control cables

CF9.UL and CF10.UL 

CF77.UL.D and CF78.UL

Bus cables



CFBUS Ethernet

CFBUS.PUR Ethernet

Fibre Optic Cables (FOC)


Measuring system cables and Data cables

CF111.D and CF113.D

CF112 and CF211.PUR


Motor cables and Servo cables

CF300.UL.D CF310.UL CFPE  CF27.D

CF34.UL.D and CF35.UL

Do we have to renew our issued certificates?

No, your certification marks with the DNV-GL name and logo are still valid. The changeover to new certification marks will start in March and will be completed in the course of 2021. It is not necessary to change or update marketing material or packaging with the DNV-GL logo. The DNV-GL and DNV labels will exist side by side for a while.

What other effects does the change have for me as a customer?

Initially, the change of name will have no further effect on us or on you. The main reason for the name change is simplification. For more information on the topic, please contact DNV directly.

Do you have questions that you can’t find answers to here? Can we help you with DNV certified cables? We would be happy to help.

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