autoglide 5: easy as child's play and quickly installed!

Christian Strauch | 18. March 2022

Our new autoglide 5 energy chain for horizontal applications, especially for storage and retrieval units, miniloads, cross traversing carriages and even overhead cranes, has such a number of advantages over the classic conductor line.

One of the most important advantages (from our point of view) is the very easy and very fast installation of the autoglide 5. We have measured it: with a little practice, you can do it independently of length in approx. one hour: without practice, maybe in 3 hours. But in any case, still much, much faster and easier than installing a conductor line.

How is that possible?

  1. The autoglide 5 does not require a guide trough! A lot of drilling, screwing and aligning is not necessary! Instead, a rope tensioning unit is attached at the beginning and end of the travel: thus 4 screws set instead of hundreds of screws for the mounting brackets of a busbar system.
  2. The guide rope is tensioned with “children’s muscle power”. That’s it!
  3. The autoglide 5 energy chain is supplied as a readychain, i.e. with cables and, if necessary, connectors, delivered pre-assembled to the construction site. Depending on the length on pallet or on drum.
  4. Either manually or simply unrolled with drum, the energy chain is laid out on the rope.
  5. Attached to the fixed end and to the moving end of the SRU or CTC, connected and ready.
  6. No alignment of the optical data transmission system, no alignment of the current collector, no checking of the conductor rail joints.

Take a look: we have a short film for you here.

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