We rotate to infinity and much more!

dklein | 18. March 2022

But how far can it go for you?
In today’s blog we would like to devote ourselves to the topic of rotating energy supply. Typical industries and applications are handling machines, robots & packaging machines.

The big difference in determining the energy chain length compared to linear motion is in the travel. Linear movements usually involve a travel of Xmm or Xm. For rotary movement, on the other hand, we take the inner and outer diameters of the rotary surface of the application and the rotation angle to determine the length.

We already offer our customers a broad product portfolio for rotary movement. We subdivide the portfolio based on the rotation angle.

Small rotations up to 180°
For rotary movements up to 180°, a complete rotary energy chain system is not always required directly. Such movements can also be implemented with a winding movement.

Animation of a winding movement

Rotations up to 360°
For movements up to 360° we already have our well-known PRM system, reverse bend radius energy chains with a stationary guide trough and our twisterchain.

From left to right: PRM, RBR with stationary guide trough, twisterband

Rotations up to 540°
Rotations up to 540° can be implemented with reverse bend radius guide troughs, which are designed to travel along with the machine. It can also be implemented with our e-spool and a single-layer MRM system.

From left to right: reverse bend radius incl. travelling guide trough, e-spool, single-layer multi rotation module

Rotations up to 900°
For rotations up to 900°, multilayer multi rotation modular systems can be used.

Multilayer Multi Rotation Module

Rotations up to 7200°
Significantly more rotations up to 7200° can be implemented with our twisterband and twisterband HD.

twisterband and twisterband HD

Endless rotations
Rotations without limitation are only possible with our PRT slewing ring bearings.

PRT slewing ring bearings

If there is no solution for you in the offered standard, you can use our configurator for circular movement “Reverse Bend Radius/Multi Rotation Module” or contact our engineering team immediately.

Our igus blog also covers more interesting topics related to energy supply systems, bearing technology, linear technology, 3D printing and Low Cost Automation.

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