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Energy supply

Standing installation of energy chains in machine tools

mkogelmann | 31. March 2020

Whether in handling systems or in machine tools, with vertical movements the energy supply systems must often be planned “standing”. Actually not a great challenge, but there are still some aspects that have to be considered and taken into account during planning and design. Pivoting or locking mounting brackets? If I can support the e-chain […]


Reduce costs in vending machine construction with reliable components

Andrej Schmidt | 31. March 2020

A vending machine may only cost a little, but must meet a high quality standard. How can costs be reduced without worsening or even improving quality?


Compact cable guide for slewing gear on indoor cranes

Jens Göbel | 31. March 2020

Energy chain systems offer a space-saving alternative for cable guidance on the slewing gear. By means of a round guide trough, the chain is guided, mounted on its side. In this way, rotation angles of up to 540° and rotation speeds of up to 360°/s can be achieved.


Ready-to-install energy chain systems save harnessing time

Beke Nieszytka | 31. March 2020

Mechanical engineers have to adapt their machines time and time again to a new situation. When is the right time for an adjustment and how to proceed most effectively? Fully harnessed energy chains provide a remedy here.


Strain relief on one or both sides?

Volker Beissel | 31. March 2020

It is known that strain relief can considerably increase the service life of cables and hoses in the energy chain. But an incorrect strain relief can also have the opposite effect. One point that comes up again and again is the question of whether strain relief should be mounted on one side or both sides? […]