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Energy supply

Are igus energy chains halogen-free?

Kathrin Kretz | 30. March 2020

This week we again received the question whether our e-chains contain chlorine. For someone who is not familiar with the subject, this question seems rather strange. I personally associate chlorine first of all with water purification in swimming pools. Here the connection with plastics is obvious. Therefore, let us go deeper into the subject.


Rol e-chain: development and application scenarios

Theo Diehl | 30. March 2020

Decades ago, igus developed an energy chain with rollers and included it in its product range. With this development, which was groundbreaking at the time, completely new applications could be solved that previously could not be operated with an energy chain.


Noise reduction in vehicle interiors – We listen

Johannis Zournatzis | 29. March 2020

Noise reduction in vehicle interiors – We listen With the development of intelligent drive and electric vehicle technology, more electrokinetic products are being used in the vehicle cabin, such as pivoting seats with long travels, retractable displays and SMART glass applications. With the use of kinematic systems in the interior, the requirements for rattle protection […]


Can I also use the E4/4 rol e-chain in the machine tool?

Volker Beissel | 27. March 2020

The E4/4 rol e-chain is familiar from the crane industry among others. But what does this have to do with the machine tool? High loads, long travels and a dynamic behaviour, this description also frequently applies to x-axes in machine tools. The rol e-chain 5050RHD, for example, allows travels of 10-800m with a maximum fill […]


Hydraulic hoses in the energy chain

mkogelmann | 27. March 2020

Machine tools very often have hydraulic hoses that are guided in e-chains – for clamping devices, coolant circuits and other applications. For hoses, as for electrical cables, there are several items to consider in the design and fitting of energy chains. Crossbars every link or every second link What is the permissible bend radius of […]