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Energy supply

Successful use of a 10m unsupported plastic chain

Volker Beissel | 2. April 2020

A gliding application frequently looks better than an unsupported energy chain. This is not just because the straight line of the upper run, but also because the sag leading to the chain drop is eliminated. This allows unsupported systems to better use the space at the end of the travel. But at high fill weights […]


When do I use an energy chain with crossbars every second link?

Christian Ziegler | 2. April 2020

In these energy chains crossbars are installed in every second chain link. The advantages of energy chains with crossbars every second link: low price (up to 20% savings) lowers weight, reducing drive forces fast assembly reduces assembly costs easy access to interior separation and cables maximum fill weight identical to that of an energy chain […]


Chemical-resistant energy chain systems for indoor cranes

Jens Göbel | 2. April 2020

The search for the best-suited cable guidance system for indoor crane applications under the influence of aggressive chemicals is a challenge. The specially developed chemically resistant igumid EG+ plastic is used both for the energy chain and for the plastic guide trough. The material’s very low total moisture absorption, which grants great resistance to aggressive chemicals, is decisive.


ESD energy chains for the ATEX/explosion risk area

Christian Ziegler | 1. April 2020

What does ATEX actually mean? And what is its significance for the selection of my energy chains for the explosion risk area? This is where we give answers to the most important questions. ATEX guidelines ATEX stands for the French ATmosphères EXplosibles and is used as a synonym for the EU directives governing explosion risk in […]


Intelligent machine tools and linear robots prevent expensive downtime

Lukas Czaja | 1. April 2020

Reliability is top priority in the automotive industry. This is especially true of engine production, which is highly automated. The production system is like a complex gearbox. With countless intermeshed gears. Tool machines are connected via linear robots to create linked production lines. Technologies such as milling, turning, and drilling give the engine block its […]