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Energy supply

The energy chain in the lane – Part 2

Christian Strauch | 17. March 2020

What makes the new autoglide 5 from igus so unique? It is first of all the price. For €49 per metre, the customer receives a product ready for installation. In other words, not just the bare chain, but a ready-made energy chain with 5 single cores of 6mm² each and a bus cable. In addition, […]


The energy chain in the lane

Christian Strauch | 16. March 2020

There are so many reasons why an energy chain is rarely found in the aisles of high-bay warehouses. The main reason is probably the price. In contrast to the busbar system, which merely consists of a plastic profile and the copper or aluminium strands embedded in it, we speak of the energy chain as a […]


Recycling of plastic energy chains? It works!

pwirth | 10. March 2020

At a time when schoolchildren are demonstrating for the future in the streets on Fridays and plastic bags are being abolished in the retail trade, the responsibility for sustainability is increasing for all of us.


Hardness test for the latest P4 generation

Jens Göbel | 24. February 2020

Since the end of 2015, the new igus P41.80Ri rol e-chain with integrated iglidur plain bearings has been in service on the gigantic EMO B.V. ship-to-shore cranes in Rotterdam, one of the largest bulk cargo handling ports in Western Europe. With a trolley drive of over 100m, a travel speed of up to 4m/sec and over 50kg/m fill weight, it is one of the most demanding energy chain applications in the harbour crane sector.


Guarantee on energy chains and cables

Marco Thull | 19. February 2020

Calculate guaranteed service life online igus has been offering a guarantee on cables from the chainflex product range since 2015. By doing so, igus was and is still the only supplier of highly flexible cables for movement, who offers a guarantee. Various customers have already made use of this service and increased the security of […]