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ASI bus cables and Christmas lights

igu-blog-adm | 20. December 2021

We discussed bus cables in another article. Today we will focus specifically on the topic of ASI bus cables and show what they have in common with Christmas lighting.

What is ASI bus?

ASI stands for actuator sensor interface. Interface, of course, is a kind of coupling point. The interface is used to connect sensors and actuators in a fieldbus.

The AS interface replaces the classic parallel wiring, saving a great deal of installation effort. The actuators and sensors – also called slaves – communicate with a binary signal to the so-called master, where the data is read and processed.

The ASI bus cables are used to transmit these signals. They consist of two unshielded cores. They can also transmit supply voltage of up to 24V to components.

What is special about an ASI bus cable?

The special thing about the cable is its shape. It is a flat cable protected against polarity reversal. The connectors are also flat, so they cannot be connected incorrectly.

The actuators and sensors also feature piercing technology, which involves inserting the cable into the receptacle without cutting it off beforehand and placing it on a clamp. Nor does it require a harnessed plug. When the cable receptacle is closed, pointed contacts pierce the sheath and insulation so that they pick up electrical signals from the cores.

ASI bus cables at igus

At igus, we have two different ASI bus cables: the CF898.082 and the CF898.083. They are specifically designed for use in the energy chain and have been extensively tested in our test laboratory. As with all other cables, we provide a 36-month guarantee. Both cables are also UL verified.

Our ASI bus cables have an iguPUR outer jacket that makes them oil-resistant. They are therefore used frequently in machine tools.

ASI bus and Christmas lights

So what does all this have to do with Christmas lights?

Lighting concepts that do not use modern LED technologies are a major application of the same penetration technology as an ASI bus cable. They also use two-core flat cables. The lamp sockets are equipped with piercing contacts. This allows completely modular lighting systems,

which we find at Christmastime in cities and Christmas markets.

Do you have any questions about this topic? We would be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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