Customer application: Automation with RL

Our german customer MATRIUM GmbH has designed and built this automation unit with a huge number of igus components such as drylinE rails, e-chains, chainflex, tribotape and also robolink. It runs today in daily operation. The robolink arm consists of 2 joints (size -20 and -30) and performs a “simple” scara movement.

The complete unit is 5,50 x 3,70 m big, it serves to sort so called JEDEC-Trays for recycling / re-use, ~ 2.500 different trays can be recognized and sorted after the vision learning phase!

More information and contact data: MATRIUM GmbH,, Mr. Eikel is the responsible engineer.

trays    roboarm_abgewinkelt_unterste_eckposition

Control solution by commonplace robotics

Company Commonplace robotics from GER shows a quick and simple control solution for our modular joint kit. It consists of a set of electronics (incl. stepper motor drivers) and a WINDOWS software package.

More details can not yet be announced, as this is a brand new solution, but we will check more facts within the next weeks. The product is available at Commonplace robotics GmbH:



igus® Automation with robolink (5 DOF)

the video shows our internal factory automation unit with RL-D and RL-S joints in a standard 5 DOF robolink arm.

the shown price label is for the complete 5 DOF arm with motors, joints, connections, cables and chains, fully mounted (like shown) but WITHOUT gripper (suction cup) and WITHOUT control parts. In this case we use a BECKHOFF control unit to run the process and place the parts in the correct way.

MOTEK video

please find attached an (amateur!) video from our MOTEK booth in Stuttgart:

4 DEMO units are shown here:

1) RL-D-RBT-5532S-AC with 5 DOF with vacuum gripper,

2) RL-D-RBT-3322-AC with 4 DOF and igus 3 finger gripper,

3) RL-DQ demo unit with 5 DOF (prototype; similar to 5 DOF “big” standard arm),

4) “low cost automation unit with different individual solutions (2 DOF / 3 DOF / drylinE SLW units)

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