RoboCup 2015 has begun

This year, the team B-Human, supported by igus, will participate again in the robot football world championship. RoboCup 2015 starts today, July 19th, and takes place in Hefei, China. After a long journey from Germany, the last two days have been used to set up the team and to play some subcompetitions. Today, the real games will start. We will play against the HULKs (TU Hamburg Harburg) and the UPennalizers (University of Pennsylvania).

robolink® dummy with pneumatic muscles

I want to present a very ambitious project from our customer the automotive research and test centre CARISSMA, TH Ingolstadt. Project leader Igor Doric and his team had the goal to build a humanoid pedestrian dummy for autonomous emergency braking tests with vehicles.

This dummy shall not contain any metallic parts, especially no electric motors. Their concept is to use pneumatic muscles in combination with our wire driven robolink joints in order to achieve dynamic human-like movements. The dummy has 21 degrees of freedom for the motion of his head, arms and legs and weights less than 21kg! The dummy is carried by a 6D motion system (product name “M=6D target mover” developed by the project partner company MESSRING, 6D represents 3 translational and 3 rotational degrees of freedom -> forward/backward, left/right, up/down, pitch, roll and yaw. All control parts and algorithms are developed by the TARGET team itself.

The video shows the movement of the dummy.

For more detailed informations please contact Igor Doric. (=>

meeting Igor Doric at the “safety week” in Aschaffenburg

STEP data RL-D joint kit

The Basic idea of our NEW RL-D Joints is, that every Joint can be composed out of several components (Joint kit). Main differentiations are:

# Rotary sliding bearing igus PRT-01 (aluminum table with iglidur J sliding elements) or PRT-02-AL (aluminum ring with compact plastic ring made of iglidur J4) or PRT-02-LC (outer aluminum ring replaced by moulded outer ring => low cost solution).

# worm shaft made of hard anodized aluminum, or as injection moulded plastic part (iglidur RN33), additional materials as an Option.

# axial bearings of the worm shaft as roller bearings or thrust washer made of iglidur J.

# worm wheel currently made of iglidur J, additional materials will be offered in the future.

We have pre defined 3 general Solutions. Standard will make use of PRT-02-AL, hard anodized aluminum worm shaft with roller bearings. For the “high-end” solution, PRT-02-AL will be replaced by PRT-01, the low cost solution will contain PRT-02-LC, worm shaft made of iglidur RN33 and thrust washers as axial  bearings => see Pictures. STEP data of all Solutions for 3 sizes attached.

Annotation: RL-D-50-xxx is currently only possible as high-end solution. PRT-02-AL or -LC are not yet available at igus.

RL-D-xx-101 (symmetric Version with 2 PRT (used in our trade Show robots)

  RL-D-xx-102 (asymmetric Version with 1 PRT (used as first axis or for horizontal applications)

robolink D data sheets and STEP data

Please find attached current (preliminary) data sheets for our new robolink D Joints. These Joints exist in 3 sizes: -20, -30 and -50 (based on the Dimensions of our rotary sliding tables PRT).

RL-D-xx-101 RL-D-xx-102

RL-D-xx-101: symmetrical Joint with 2 PPRT for vertical Installation (used in our robotic arms),

tech data RL-D-101 _D-ENG_.pdf (167.44 kb)

RL-D-xx-102: asymmetrical Joint with 1 PRT for horizontal Installation (used as positioning device or as 1st axis in a robotic arm)

tech data RL-D-102 _D-ENG_.pdf (150.10 kb) 

I will publish 3D Step data of These Joints beginning of next week in this blog.

RoboCup team B-Human has been successful again

Last week, the igus-sponsored RoboCup team B-Human from Bremen participated again in the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg.

In the Standard Platform League, a competition in which all teams have to use the same robot hardware – the NAO robot from Aldebaran – and thus compete by developing the most intelligent algorithms, several rules are changed each year to make the league more similar to “real” football. In 2015, the major changes are: white goals (instead of yellow ones), custom-designed jerseys (instead of standard jerseys), and the start of the game by a real whistle.

After a slightly chaotic start that included staggering (and falling!) robots as well as temporary disorientations, the performance increased in the course of the tournament and B-Human was able to win its round robin group with a total goal difference of 30:1. The semifinal against Berlin United was won by 7:0. The grand final was the same as in many previous tournaments: B-Human against Nao-Team HTWK from Leipzig. After an exciting high quality match, B-Human won by 4:1 (half-time score: 1:1)!

In parallel to the “normal” football competition, the so-called Drop-In Player Competition was held, a competition in which mixed robot teams play against each other, i.e. a robot has to cooperate with robots that have been programmed by different people. B-Human has won this competition, too, with a final score that was only slightly higher than the score of the Nao-Team HTWK.

After this tournament, the preparation for the upcoming RoboCup world championship in Hefei, China have already begun!

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