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Linear guides for small installation spaces

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

Linear guides for small installation spaces

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“No room. ” Kitchen appliances, laboratory and analysis systems, 3D printers, furniture, lights and so on should be light and transparent and nevertheless be extremely flexible. And their elements should be easily adjustable, offer a high-quality adjusting feel, cost little money and still take up little installation space – also innovative, by the way, in addition to all these wishes. For a linear guide, all these things together are a challenging set of tasks. In brief: A great solution at a low price for an even smaller installation space is what is being looked for.

Alow-profile guide system on the basis of plastic bearings with an installation height of 6 to 12 mm is to be recommended for such tasks; ideal for a low installation height. Plastic and aluminium are materials from the area of lightweight construction. Due to the sliding bearing support, the guide is completely clean and free of any lubricants. Easy to transport, highly responsive due to low inertia and nevertheless robust and long-lasting. The right answer when someone says: “No room. “

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