Installation and clearance adjustment of TW-01 linear carriages

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

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The TW series 01 linear carriages always require a minimum amount of clearance between carriage and rail. They are delivered ready-to-install with preset clearance.


  1. The TW series 01 linear carriage has to be pushed onto the hard-anodised TS-01 rail profile.
  2. The carriage is now ready to use.

Clearance adjustment

  • The bearing clearance can be adjusted individually if so desired.
  • The three protective caps at one end are to be removed.
  • The lock nut(s) must then be removed with a spanner.
  • The bearing clearance can be reduced (–) or increased (+) with an Allen key, size 1.5 mm.
  • The bearing clearance that has been set must now be checked again.
  1. If the set clearance is as required, tighten all the lock nuts and put the protective caps back on again.
  2. The carriage is ready to use.

* If the clearance has been set too small, and the guide carriage then becomes jammed,

it is not enough to simply loosen the Allen screws. After loosening Allen screws, press the reset button on the side opposite the screws in order to release the sliding elements again. For this purpose, use Allen bolts of the following sizes: 2.5mm for TW-01-20/TW-01-15 and 3 mm for TW-01-25/TW-01-30.

This is how it is done:

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