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Where can a linear guide be purchased?

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

Where can a linear guide be purchased?

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A simple question, why is it asked? Nobody asks themselves where to buy milk. Or a car. Obviously, people go to the supermarket or a car dealership. In future, perhaps, it will be possible to buy both of them in the supermarket. But a linear guide? Where do I get one? In a DIY superstore? In a furniture shop? Only online? – Is it only for contractors and tradespeople or for anyone who is interested; Is it possible to submit an enquiry directly to the manufacturer or in a technical supplies shop? And: Is it possible to get one only on weekdays or at the weekend?

Indeed, it is really not so easy, especially if you already have concrete ideas about what you want. And yes, they still exist, they being the good old online shops, with lots of information about the product and, above all, one huge advantage: they can be ordered quickly and easily all round the clock.

A good tip for an online shop for linear guides.

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