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Grease linear bearings? No thank you!

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

Grease linear bearings? No thank you!

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A set of shelves. An empty set of shelves. A lot of space for other things. It looks like a TV advert for a Swedish furniture company once Christmas is over. The space is free – are you ready for new things? This is similar to how you could feel if you decided to use a linear guide with plain bearings. No more lubricating pastes, grease cartridges, grease guns, protective gloves. And not only in January, but lifelong. The following are some examples of rail guides with which you can enjoy lifelong freedom from the need for maintenance.

Cost-effective alternatives to greased rolling bearings

If you want to replace one for one:

If design plays a role and you want to change over to a classical linear guide look:

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