Linear technology

Vending machines changing: mechanics in harmony with digitalisation

Andrej Schmidt | 13. May 2020

New vending machines score points with functions such as contactless payment or efficient access control. They use modern data loggers to analyse customer preferences.


Heavy-duty thread

Zoe Moser | 4. May 2020

When threads are used in heavy-duty applications, they must meet many requirements. One of the most important aspects for heavy loads is the stability of the threads under high axial and radial loads. But does this also work with lead screw nuts made of polymer? Clear answer: Yes! The drylin lead screw technology development team has set itself the task of developing a robust alternative to the flange lead screw nut.


Camera sliders for the perfect shot

Ludmilla Dekker | 30. April 2020

Camera sliders for smooth camera guidance and a perfect shot with igus linear guides.


Format adjustments in packaging machines

Bastian Mehr | 30. April 2020

There is probably nothing worse than a non-functional format adjustment that brings the entire production line to a standstill. You want to focus on the important things, not maintain and grease metallic lead screw nuts.


What are curved rails, and when are they used?

Ingo Urbach | 30. April 2020

The travel of single-axis motion systems is typically either rotary (in an arc or circle) or linear (a straight line). But some applications need a system that combines straight movement sections with curved ones. There are two types of curved systems. There are simple sections with constant radii. These are 90 or 180-degree curves with […]