Linear technology

Does igus offer corrosion-free linear guides?

Jan Michels | 3. April 2020

In meat and fish-processing machines, but also in the fruit and and vegetable industry and filling technology, regular & intensive cleaning is the order of the day. Wherever food is cut, portioned, filled, transported or packaged, hygiene and frequent cleaning is important. If aggressive chemicals are used in the cleaning process, the machine components used […]


A compact sprue picker for less than 2,000 euros? Yes, with igus Low Cost Automation. (Part 2/2)

Christian Schäfer | 3. April 2020

The igus IAP1 sprue picker is being used in production at igus in more than 60 injection-moulding machines. The advantages are cost-effective automation, more economical production and amortisation in just a few months. What can the sprue picker do?


A compact sprue picker for less than 2,000 euros? Yes, with igus Low Cost Automation! (Part 1/2)

Christian Schäfer | 1. April 2020

There are many and increasingly complex possibilities for the automation of injection moulding processing. This is a trend that is constantly evolving. Automation is essential for the optimisation of operational processes and ultimately for increasing competitiveness. The need to automate the many injection moulding processes at igus has resulted in an innovative product, the igus sprue picker!


5 Products that increase service life in cross-over systems

Thorsten Mersch | 31. March 2020

Anyone who has ever travelled on an older articulated bus or tram will notice what mechanical movements and loads are involved at this point. Loud squeaking and creaking sounds, meaning you can’t enjoy your own music despite headphones. No wonder. There are extreme dynamic loads in the transitions. Over the years, the joints are stressed […]


The right plain bearings for cleaning at high temperatures

Jan Michels | 27. March 2020

Many different machines are used in the packaging, food, and beverage industries. There is one thing that most of the different machine types have in common though: they are regularly and intensively cleaned. And they are cleaned at temperatures often above 100°C. igus offers several polymer plain bearings that have no problem at these high […]